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TES Launched Project W. A. T. C. H.

posted Apr 23, 2013, 10:30 PM by Mary Grace dela Cruz   [ updated Jan 22, 2016, 8:29 PM ]

The Department of Education is supporting the call of the president for transparency in governance. Thus, the department launched Project WATCH – An Advocacy Movement for Punctuality and Honesty.

The WATCH Movement is an advocacy program envisioned by JCI Senate Philippines in cooperation with the Department of Education and the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities (PACU) was launched to counter the stigma of Filipino Time (a.k.a. always late) which all over the world has become one of the reasons for the low work and productivity value put on the Filipinos.

Since Tortugas Elementary School implemented WATCH Movement, these activities were accomplished:

1. Posted WATCH signage in the most conspicuous place of the school for awareness and reminder that punctuality and honesty are elements of success in daily lives.

2. Recitation of the WATCH Prayer before the opening of the classroom activities and / or in the afternoon.

3. Organized WATCH Club. Tortugas Elementary School organized Watch Club in accordance to the Presidential Proclamation No. 1782 dated May 21, 2009 and with the DepEd Memorandum No. 410 s. 2009. Its main objective is to help the school community in its renewed commitment on the consciousness of punctuality and honesty.

4. Conducted essay writing and slogan contest. To further inculcate the value of punctuality and honesty, an essay writing contest was conducted. The select pupils from Grades I – III were assigned to make slogan while Grades IV – VI were asked to make an essay with this theme “Being punctual and honest is to be a true Filipino.”

5. Conducted SLAC sessions. The principal, Mrs. Zenaida C. San Pedro together with her teachers conducted SLAC to identify concrete strategies that will assist pupils / individual in the actualization of the value of punctuality and honesty in one’s life.

6. Integration of Project WATCH. Teachers integrate the goals of Project Watch so that pupils will know and understand deeper the value of punctuality in the context of the development of one’s character as a true Filipino.

7. Organized debate. Debates among the pupils were conducted to enhance the importance of punctuality and honesty among them.

8. Attends community assemblies conducted by LGU in the barangay.

9. Continuous orientation involving the Parent – Teacher Community Association (PTCA) and the Student Governing Council (SGC).

Advocacy for the time consciousness and honesty is a significant campaign for core development of individuals. If everyone is punctual and honest there will be a related valuing for self respect and for respecting other’s time. These values cannot be taught but can be caught by simply modeling the practice and making it a habit. Awareness of the benefits of Project WATCH is a significant step in bringing about fundamental change in the transformation of our society.