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Mr. and Ms. UN 2013

posted Dec 7, 2013, 9:02 PM by Mary Grace dela Cruz   [ updated Jan 22, 2016, 8:29 PM ]

The Coronation of Mr. and Ms. UN 2013 marked the annual celebration of United Nations Day in Tortugas Elementary School on November 12, 2013.
    Prior to the coronation, the annual search for Mr. and Ms. UN was held in October. The search involves pupils from grade I to grade VI. These candidates were given the freedom to choose which country will they represent. It is a fund raising activity for the benefit of the school and pupils. The canvassing was ahead before the coronation day.

The program started with a parade of 29 candidates in their beautiful costumes. After the parade, the program proper started with a usual prayer lead by Ms. Allen Jane P. Macalinao, followed by the National Anthem and Region III hymn conducted by Mrs.Novalyn R. Cauilan and the  inspirational message coming from Mrs. Connie M. Andrade, our Faculty Presidentbecause our Principal Mrs.Zenaida C. San  Pedro has some important activity to do that day, Mrs.Rofelia D. Buenaventura introduced the judges namely, Mrs. Jennifer N. Pajares, Ms.Fermina S. Suaiso and Mrs.

After the talent portion, certificate of participation were given to all the candidates while waiting for the result to find the winners in Best Talent and Best in Costume, Mr. and Ms. Photogenic were judged by the teachers a day before the coronation day after the tabulation.

Mr. and Ms. UN 2013 – James Andrei Gacusan (Mr. North Korea)

                                                Charvin Ashley D. Ragenil( Ms. Spain)

First Runner Up                           – RaisellDarellPaguio (Mr. South Korea)

                                                  – Jededeah Reign (Ms. Australia)

Second Runner Up                    – Andrew Adrados (Mr. Spain)

                                                –Dayanara Jean D. Laborcero (Ms. Egypt)

The score they come up with the ff. results

Best in Talent                     – Marc Jordan Baluyot (Mr. Philippines)

                                                –Arabella Marie P. Almario (Ms. Jamaica) and

– Kim Angeline Guevarra (Ms. Puerto Rico)


Best in Costume               – Chester Paul H. Reyes (Mr. Brazil)

                                                –Charvin Ashley D>Ragenil (Ms. Spain)


Mr. and Ms. Photogenic – Jan Andrew Gacusan (Mr.Hongkong)

                                                – Angel Grace Hipolito (Ms. Japan)