January 2016

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Paguio, Naluz crowned as Mr. and Ms. Tortugas SY 2015 – 2016. Raissell Darell Paguio, grade three and Marijul C. Naluz, grade two were crowned as Mr. and Ms Tortugas for the School Year 2015 - 2016. Rhence Eiser Mina, grade five and Jedediah Reign Morales, grade three were the first up while Chester Paul Reyes, grade six and Precious Jewel Gatdula, grade four  were second runner up. Ariszon Reyes, grade four and Ahreia Salaveria, grade one were the third runner up. They were awarded with sash, certificate of recognition and trophy while  cape were given to Paguio and Clavio as well as scepter and tiara respectively. Meanwhile Mr. and Ms. Photogenic were Raissell Darell Paguio and Ahreia Salaveria wherein they were given photo frame with their photo in it. Best in casual wear were Ariszon Reyes and Jedediah Reign Morales. Best in Formal wear were Chester Paul Reyes and Ann Grace Tolentino. Both winners in two categories were given trophies.
The proceeds of this fund raising will be used to the different projects of the school.

December 2015

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 TES celebrates Christmas Season. Tortugas Elementary School held its program to celebrate Christmas Season on December 18, 2015. It started with a lantern parade where pupils and teachers greet the community to commemorate the the birth of Jesus Christ who is always the reason for celebrating the Christmas Season in Christian nations. The Christmas program was highlighted with the dance competition by each grade level. Aside from the clown who facilitated the fun games, Jollibee mascot  himself graced the program. There were also gifts given to pupils who were chosen as the Most Behaved pupil in class from June - December 2015. Selected indigent pupils were also given gifts for their Noche Buena. Exchange gifts and shared snacks in each classroom closed the program.

November 2015

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 TES held its monthly convocation last November 26, 2015. The program depicted the importance of reading, nationalism and drug abuse prevention and control (DAPC). It  began by the singing of the national anthem  and followed by a prayer lead by Ms. Krizialane O. Banzon. The, roll call of Mrs. Neriza Cabreta and opening remarks of Mrs. Jennifer Pajares. Each grade level showed their skills in their presentation.  Kinder recited poems entitled “Pagkamakabansa and Paggalang sa Watawat”. Grade One also delivered a poem “ Sa Iyo Aking Bayan”. Grade Two sang about the importance of reading. Grade Three recited “Linggo ng mga Libro “.  Grade Four  recited also a poem “Nasyonalismo”. Grade Five sang “Bawal na Gamot”. Lastly, Grade Six performed song interpretation “ Isang Milyong Tao”. 

March 2014

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TES 47th Commencement Exercise. Forty-one grade six students successfully graduated during the 47th Commencement Exercise of Tortugas Elementary School held on March 25, 2014 with this year’s theme “Hindi Natitinag ang Pusong Pilipino.” The ceremony started with the usual processional of the graduates, parents and guests of honors which includes Hon. Noel Valdecañas, City Vice Mayor; Hon. Victor A. Baluyot Jr, Tortugas Brgy Captain; Dr. Merlinda C. Dominguez, EPS I Mathematics; Mrs. Zenaida C. San Pedro, Principal II of Tortugas ES together with the teachers and the honorable guest speaker Dr. Romeo S. Nisay Jr., BPSU instructor.

Arabella Marie P. Almario, second honors, delivered the welcome remarks, which was immediately followed by the distribution of awards and medals for grade six honors including those who received special awards on District and Division competitions headed by Hon. Noel Valdecañas, Dr. Merlinda T. Dominguez and Mrs. Zenaida C. San Pedro. Teachers’ accomplishments were also recognized for being winning coaches and competition winners in the District and Division level with the most coveted award for teachers, the Dakilang Guro Award given to Mrs. Neriza P. Cabreta and Ms. Mary Grace C. Dela Cruz.

The arrival of Mrs. Soledad S. Carlos, PSDS District I, signaled the graduation ceremony where Mrs. Zenaida San Pedro presented the graduating students, which was affirmed by Mrs. Soledad S. Carlos and confirmed by Dr. Merlinda C. Dominguez followed by her message to the graduates.

Marc Joel S. Sanchez, first honors, then delivered his valedictory speech which centers on his gratitude towards his parents, teachers, classmates and his Alma Mater. He also encouraged his fellow graduates to bear the challenges that life is about to offer after the graduation and as they move forward to the next level.

This was followed by another inspiring message from the guest speaker, Dr. Romeo S. Nisay Jr. who talked about how he was when he was in elementary days and how the problems and challenges strengthened and inspired him to pursue higher education and personal development. “Dati lang din akong katulad ninyo na nag-aabang ng patuyo at sumasama sa dagat pero hindi doon nagtapos ang lahat,” Dr. Nisay said as he shared his experiences here and abroad being an instructor and educational researcher.

Nearing the end of the first part, Marc Jordan G. Baluyot, first honorable mention, led the graduates in Pangako ng Katapatan followed by a preview of the State Of the School Address (SOSA) and the distribution of certificates of EduChild Parenting Seminar graduates headed by Mr. Rolly Dizon, EduChild Parenting Program City Coordinator and Hon. Noel Valdecañas.

The first part ended with a touching and tearful song from the graduates as they sing Tagumpay Nating Lahat and Marami Pong Salamat Nanay wherein they offered flowers to their parents while thanking them for everything which cause emotions to rise and tears to fall from the graduates, parents and expectators as well.

The second part recognized the honor and outstanding students from kinder to grade 5 as well as those who won awards in the District and Division competitions headed by Hon. Victor A. Baluyot Jr. and the Tortugas Brgy. Council. This was followed by the awarding of Natatanging Pamilya to Mr. & Mrs. Larry De Guzman and Mr. & Mrs. Artemio Ellano and the  Natatanging Kabatan which was awarded to Jethro Wayne s. Bustamante. Lastly, it showcased the talents of Tortugas pupils as they promote our very own Filipino culture with their dances leaving a festive mood as the ceremony came to its end.

February 2014

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TES closes Love Month with Coronation of the 2014 King and Queen of Hearts. As a love month ender activity, Tortugas Elementary School crowned 2014 King and   Queen   of Hearts on February 28.
The celebration started  with a foot parade graced by the candidates of each grade level. Then, the presentation and the talent portion each candidate followed.
Afterwards, the coronation began with special awards and eventually with the runner—ups and the King and Queen of Hearts.    
These are the list of winners:
Mr. and Ms.PHOTOGENIC: Therese Audrey Nulod and Justine Jayme Sevilla
Mr. and Ms. PERSONALITY: Jinsen May Triguero and Dan Angelo Bernus
Mr. and Ms. TALENT: Cheska Joyce Sanchez and Wilmark Casas
SECOND RUNNER UP: Marc Jordan Baluyot and Kathrina Faye Dalde
FIRST RUNNER UP: Rhence Eiser Mina and Micah Angela Bautista
KING and QUEEN OF HEARTS 2014: Andrew F. Gacusan and Angel Grace Hipolito

January 2014

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TES supports Tax Campaign. January marked as the Tax Campaign Month. In support of this program, Tortugas Elementary School informed the community through tarpaulin, an announcement posted to the different conspicuous places of the school and through a foot parade.

The foot parade was held on January 24, Friday along the main streets of Tortugas community. During the parade, the pupils displayed the slogan that they made about the tax campaign. After the foot parade, a short program commenced in the covered court of Tortugas Elementary School. The main objective of the program is to further inform and explain the importance of  paying  the correct taxes to the community.

The program started with a prayer led by Mrs. Allen Macalinao, Kindergarten Teacher, followed by the singing of the National Anthem conducted by Mrs. Anna May Macalinao, Grade I Teacher. Next was the message of Mrs. Zenaida C. San Pedro explaining about the necessity of the community to pay their taxes honestly.

The pupils in every grade level made their part in the information campaign by the different presentations that they made. Kindergarten pupils recited a poem. Grade 1 and Grade IV pupils had role playing showcasing the importance of paying taxes. Grade II and Grade III pupils had their tax campaign jingle while Grade V and VI pupils created dance steps to show the different slogans that they made about tax campaign. A community singing concluded the program.

December 2013

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TES Christmas Program. In celebration of the Christmas season, Tortugas Elementary School held a Christmas Program last Dec. 20, 2013. Started with the parade of students toured around Bgy. Tortugas & Pto. Rivas Itaas.

The program proper was emceed by Mrs. Neriza P. Cabreta, Grade IIIA teacher. A solemn doxology performed by selected Grade VI pupils commenced the program followed by the singing of National Anthem conducted by Mrs. Connie Andrade, Grade IV adviser. A special presentation from selected Grade V pupils followed. An enthusiastic Roll-call by the pupils and teachers in each grade level filled the surroundings with joy and it was initiated by Mrs. Anna May D. Macalinao. Hence, everyone was motivated to listen to the welcoming message and greetings of Mrs. Zenaida C. San Pedro, our school principal.

Students’presentation per grade level amazed everyone followed by the awarding of Huwarang mag-aaral. A dance number from Kim Angeline Guevarra (Grade IIIA) was presented before Gift giving lead by Mrs. Zenaida C. San Pedro, Mrs. Jennifer N. Pajares, and Mrs. Connie Andrade. Announcement of winners for the mass demo ( Grade II for primary & Grade IV for intermediate) concluded the program.

November 2013

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Andres Bonifacio and Book Week Celebration.  To further inculcate the value of books to our school children and be familiar with Andres Bonifacio, a program was held on November 29, 2013 at 3:30 in the afternoon.
             The program started with a prayer led by Ms. Grace B. Almario followed by the singing of the National Anthem conducted by Mrs. Connie Andrade.  Mrs. Zenaida C. San Pedro, Principal II talked about the importance of books and had her questions to be answered by the pupils about Andres Bonofacio. Then every grade level showed their talent in accordance to the theme which is about the importance of books and something about Andres Bonifacio. Grade I pupils showed their talent in folk dancing. Grade II pupils had choral recitation on the poem written by Andres Bonifacio entitled “Pag – ibig sa Tinubuang Lupa”. Grade III pupils had their acronyms about books. Whereas the two Grade IV pupils and two Grade VI pupils sing  nationalistic songs, Ibon Mang May Layang Lumipad at Ako ay Filipino respectively. And interpretative dance was showed by the Grade V pupils. Awarding of Huwarang Bata for the months of October and November concluded the program.


October 2013

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Halloween Celebration. In Preparation for the Trick or Treat and Halloween Program to be hosted by the city government on October 30 in the afternoon. Tortugas Elementary School held halloween celebration on October 29, 2013.
          The film showing of suspense movies commenced the activity. A foot parade along the main streets of Brgy Tortugas and a short program followed.
          A prayer was lead by Ms. Mary Grace C. dela Cruz while the singing of the National Anthem was conducted by Mrs. Neriza P. Cabreta. Mrs. Zenaida C. San Pedro, Principal II introduced the deeper importance of the All Saints' and Souls Day to the pupils. She also informed them of how and why we celebrate the halloween. After her message winners in best in costume and most scary face was announced.

September 2013

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Family Day Celebration. Tortugas Elementary School organized Family Day last September 25, 2013 at 1:00pm to celebrate the importance of families in our community. This event aims to build lines of communication between our pupils and their family and let them enjoy the moment as a family. With this event our pupils and their family have an opportunity to have bonding moment as a family because we believe that having time to each will have a great help to a child to improve their progress in school.

            The said event started with a prayer led by Ms. Mary Grace Dela Cruz, grade II teacher followed by the singing of the national anthem and Balangueno Hymn conducted by Mrs. Novalyn R. Cauilan, grade V teacher. The programme will not be complete without our very beautiful, kind and hardworking principal in Tortugas ES, Mrs. Zenaida C. San Pedro, on her welcome remarks followed by Hon.Rogelio De Guzman, Brgy. Commitee on Education on his inspiring message to each of us. Pupils in different grade levels excited to witness the dance presentations. The presentation of primary grade pupils truly gave thrills to the audience. Selected pupils in intermediate class had their dance number followed by the most awaited presentation of Grade IV – VI class. Teachers also had their dance presentation to the tune of Vice Ganda dance craze, OoooopsKiri..

            The enjoyment of the families will not be complete without parlor games. Of course, pupils and their families participated in different games prepared by teachers. And the winning team also received prizes. After the games, we proceed to the distribution of awards to the winner in mass demo both primary and intermediate class. The Grade III-B pupils won in primary grade while the grade VI pupils won in intermediate. Huwarang Mag-aaral for the month of September also awarded to the pupils who showed good behaviour in class.

            After the programme, parents and pupils went to their room to have their snacks.  


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