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January 2013

posted Apr 23, 2013, 8:49 PM by Mary Grace dela Cruz

       TES Supports Early Registration Day and Tax Campaign.

             The Department of Education marked January as the Early Registration for Kindergarten to Grade I pupils with the theme “Makapag – aral ay Karapatan Mo, Magpalista Ngayong Enero as well Tax Campaign Month.

In support of this programs by the department, Tortugas Elementary School informed the community through tarpaulin, an announcement posted to the different conspicuous places of the school and through a foot parade.

The foot parade was held on January 11, Friday along the main streets of Tortugas community. During the parade, the pupils displayed the slogan that they made about the early registration and tax campaign. After the foot parade, a short program commenced in the covered court of Tortugas Elementary School. The main objective of the program is to further inform and explain the importance of early registration and paying of the correct taxes to the community.

The program started with a prayer led by Mrs. Allen Macalinao, Kindergarten Teacher, followed by the singing of the National Anthem conducted by Mrs. Anna May Macalinao, Grade I Teacher. Next was the message of Mrs. Zenaida C. San Pedro explaining the age qualifications for the incoming Kindergarten and Grade 1 pupils and the documentary requirements that they need to bring with them on January 26, Saturday as they register their children. According to her, all children who are born on October 31, 2008 or earlier shall be eligible for early enrolment in Kindergarten. She further stressed that those who are born on October 31, 2007 or earlier with or without Kindergarten experience, shall be eligible for early enrolment in Grade I. Moreover, she said that they have to bring the birth certificate of the child or if not available during the Early Registration Day, this document can be submitted earlier in June or within the school year. Equally important was her message about the necessity of the community to pay their taxes honestly.

The pupils in every grade level made their part in the information campaign by the different presentations that they made. Kindergarten pupils recited a poem about early registration. Grade 1 and Grade IV pupils had role playing showcasing the importance of the Early Registration Day. Grade II and Grade III pupils had their tax campaign jingle while Grade V and VI pupils created dance steps to show the different slogans that they made about tax campaign and early registration. A community singing concluded the program.