Tortugas Elementary School is located in Brgy. Tortugas, City of Balanga. Its name came from a Spanish word “tortu”, which means tortoise. It is said to be a unique school when it comes to location for it is in an island at the easternmost portion of the city connected by concrete bridge to the mainland of Barangay Pto. Rivas, City of Balanga. The school has a total land area of 5,111 sq. m. which was donated by the Gonzales clan some 50 years ago. It is bounded by a river on the northern portion, fishponds on the eastern and southern portion and residential area on the western portion.

There are eight (10) elementary teachers (all females) and one male pre-elem teacher, a school principal, and four (4) non-teaching personnel all working together to cater the needs of our school children and to be of better service to the community as well.

The pupils are performing well in terms of curricular and co-curricular activities as shown in the results of the different tests administered and contests participated in.

The great effort and dedication of the Parent-Teacher-Community Association or PTCA to the school help a lot in the implementation of the various DepEd programs and projects resulting to improvements.

The Sangguniang Barangay headed by Brgy. Captain Rogelio D. de Guzman has always been very supportive of the school activities leading our way towards the attainment of goals.

However, although the school appears to be already GOOD, can still become BETTER and will never stop to strive to be the BEST.